Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Who Am I?

I am a mother and a fiancee. My mother and father would call me a daughter who is lovely, but sometimes difficult. I am an older sister to my brother. I am a granddaughter, a cousin, a niece. I think life is too complicated. I am very serious about simplifying it.

My friends would tell me that I am a good mother, a good host and I worry too much. My mother wouldn't tell me I worry too much, as she worries more. My man would say I am his sweetheart. My Dad would tell the people at work all about me.

Here are some things that I like. I love driving in the country on a sunny day. I like good bread with camembert, chutney and grapes. I like hot chocolate with marshmallows in the winter, and chocolate milk with ice in the summer. I like old churches, and old churchyards. I love to read and I am starting to write. My favourite smell in the world is the scent of sweet peas. I love cherry brandy. My hair is long, straight and well-behaved: I can mostly wash it and leave it. I like skirts but wear mostly jeans. My favourite colour is red but I rarely wear it. I had a little card with a picture of a woolly mammoth when I was small, and have liked them ever since. I want a tortoise.

Inspired by Emily and Jennifer at UndertheBIGbluesky


  1. love this!!!

    i love old churchyards too!

    and i'm jealous about your hair!!


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