Monday, March 21, 2011

That was the week

This week:

We finally got some sunshine and a lovely blue sky. I took this photo of the tree outside our house. I don't know what type it is. One day I will look it up.

We made progress with the wedding. We wrote our vows and sent them to the celebrant, and she sent us the first draft of our ceremony. We now have three centerpieces, nine to go. I am having my first dress fitting tomorrow for alterations to be done. The Prof's outfit is almost finished and we're shopping for the Young Philosopher's outfit later this week.

The Prof and I fell asleep during the evening, most nights. Wedding preparations make us tired.

I was invited to take part in Kind Over Matter's Seven Souls, One Musing series, and wrote a few words in answer to this week's question. I think it will appear on Tuesday.

I finally got around to taking this self-portrait for Picture Inspiration
It's a very honest picture, I think - no contacts, no make up and messy hair. I like it.


  1. I like the picture too, thanks for sharing it. good luck with all the plans!

  2. Nice picture!


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