Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weddingy Stuffs

The to do list isn't looking too bad. This is what we have left:

Decide music. We have a classical piece we like that we are having played during the ceremony, but are still changing our minds for the processional and recessional. Anyone got any fantastic ideas? No Elvis or Beatles, the Prof is allergic.

Make/buy CDs of said music.

Sort out/borrow some CDs of background music for reception.

Chase up errant guests who haven't RSVP'd.

Meet with venue to discuss menu, table layout etc.
Also visit with photographer

Pay the ceremony venue.

Book hotel for wedding night.

Have last fitting/s of dress

Get shoes. I ordered some from the US. They looked very pretty in the photograph, but in real life they are quite unremarkable. I will wear them, but probably not for the wedding.

Get outfit for the Young Philosopher. He is out today with my Mum shopping for his outfit. I was supposed to be going, but heard yesterday that our wedding rings (ours are like the picture, but yellow gold) are coming by special delivery today. I decided to wait in as our postmen have a habit of leaving parcels on the doorstep, in the garden waste bin or throwing them over the fence into the back garden. So Mum and the YP have gone off by themselves, they have been sending me pictures on my phone. So far he is favouring a black suit with a red tie, and possibly a waistcoat. And Converse. I have been looking with no success for red socks, anyone know stockists of red thin (not sports) socks for men in a size 12 (UK)?

Have my hair cut and decide whether to make a hair appointment for the wedding day or to do my own hair.

Get gifts for attendants.

Decide on jewellery. I have a nice set my parents bought me for Christmas, I need to try it on with the outfit. My Mum has also more or less given me the run of her jewellery and various family heirlooms, so I am sure I will find something!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue....I need to think about these. Blue shoes would be good, maybe.

Write notes for (short) speechifying.

Finalise list of photographs we would like. Discuss with photographer.

DIT still to do
Most of this falls to the Prof, he is the creative one. I do have input though!

Finish making wedding charter for signing during ceremony
Make programmes (if time)
Finish making centerpieces
Paint shield (if time)
Finish flower crown and bouquet off with ribbons (me and Mum)
Make menu cards, place cards, seating plan - can't do these until we have the details
Make cake topper

I think that is more or less it.

It's just about 1pm now, and in exactly 31 days' time I will be sitting round at my parents' house, with the Prof and various other family members and friends, sipping champagne and relaxing in anticipation of our wedding at 4pm....

That's the plan. I will let you know after the event how close it came to the reality.


  1. Sounds a lot to do - but equally that you've got it all under control.

    Re red socks. I saw some on Debenhams site the other day - - or more expensive, luxurious orange-y ones . I love the look of Converses with suits btw :)

    I'm not usually into weddings but I think the creative theme of yours has really pipped my interest - can't wait to see the pics :)

  2. Thanks so much Louisa! I am off to Lakeside today with the YP to get the suit he tried on yesterday, and it is in Jasper Conran in Debenhams so will check our their socks! I must have looked everywhere except Debenhams, typical.

  3. I am relieved that at the end of this list I saw the 31 days from today. I was panicing for you a little, but all is very do-able in a months time. I love the playmobile people. I think that would be wonderful as cake toppers....

    Oh and my vote is for you to pamper yourself the day of the wedding and get your hair done.

    Have a great week!

  4. Nelly, those ARE our cake toppers! Along with a red dragon :-)

    I've been thinking I might make a hair appointment. I don't actually enjoy having my hair done (think possibly I am not a real girl!) hence the avoiding it. might be the best thing to do though...


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