Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thinking ahead

Just after getting engaged, almost a year ago

It's all about the wedding. I am feeling disconnected from my man. We are both permanently exhausted, and seem to spend all our time talking about the wedding, doing wedding related things, or sleeping. I miss us.

I want him to take a day off work (a sunny day, obviously, could someone please arrange that?) and to get in the car with a tin of travel sweeties (writing that down in black and white makes me feel like an OAP) and a cuppa in our travel mugs, and then head off to the countryside.

I am looking forward to the wedding, or course I am. It promises to be just the kind of slightly-bonkers but ultimately meaningful surrounded-by-loved-ones celebration that we want. But I long for the honeymoon, a whole week just us in a little country cottage in Somerset. It doesn't even have wifi. It will be lovely. I can't wait.


  1. What a lovely photo, and a sweet post. Weddings have a way of taking on a life of their own don't they? But it sounds like your plans are working and you're doing it your own way as a couple, so I'm sure it will be a beautiful day.

    You'll be driving through the countryside to your cottage soon, and all that longing will make it even more special.

    Here's to your bonkers-in-a-lovely-way celebration!
    Sara x

  2. Funnily enough, I was only considering buying some travel sweeties in a tin the other day - I saw them for the first time for years, and they brought back memories of my childhood.

  3. The honeymoon will be a well-deserved Us-time. :)

  4. A country cottage in Somerset for a week. Sounds like heaven! Weddings have a way of taking over a woman's mind--be sure to spend time together talking about other things, with wedding matters strictly off-limits!


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