Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On my Mind

The laundry. There is a veritable Mount Washmore awaiting my attention, since the Young Philosopher came home from university. As the Spring weather gets (slightly!) warmer here, I am also thinking I should get my linen trousers and blouses washed, and unfortunately ironed too. They are about the only things I have that I iron.

The wedding, which according to the countdown on our wedding website (or wedsite haha) is 25 days away. Better get some stuff done. Funnily enough while I was typing this the chap from the reception venue phoned to check on progress. I've made an appointment to see him Saturday week. We need to chase up those last few errant guests and make decisions about food, drink, timings, table layout etc. I never knew weddings were so involved and complicated.
Lunch Just realised I haven't had any.

A lovely bath, already run and full of bubbles.

A convivial evening in the pub Meeting friends this evening, including one who is doing a reading in Old English at our wedding. Looking forward to seeing his translation of the poem we chose.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I am reading this at the moment. Strange, haunting story.

Jen who will be home, or on her way home soon from her few precious days away. I hope she had a wonderful time! I am sure she did.

The sun, which has just come out. Nice to see it, however briefly! Roll on Spring.


  1. i've been thinking about you too, my friend, so so close to the wonderful day!!!

    the trip was fab. cannot wait to catch you up!!

  2. I know!! 24 days and counting.... So glad you had a great time on your trip, eagerly awaiting all your news! And I'm sure you have photos...


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