Wednesday, May 30, 2012


One of my favourite photographs from last year for 52 Photos Project week 6: Light in the Dark

            Even after all this time
            the sun never says to the earth, "You  owe me."
            Look what happens with a love like that,  
            It lights up the whole sky.



  1. oooh. love that photo. what beautiful contrast and i love all the twisty turns of that tree

    also one of my favorite quotes

  2. such a gorgeous sky and tree...i love bare branches on sky.
    and the quote...*love*.

  3. What a great shot—and quote!

  4. Love the colors in this! And the quote!

  5. Fantastic photo ~ totally awesome ~ Nature is marvelous ~ thanks ^_^

  6. Beautiful. I am a sucker for trees and sunsets

  7. Stunning :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog - I figured brainstorming here about stockings would be useful - rather than replying to your original comment! :)

    I've just quickly customised a few bags with some ribbon - easy to sew on even if you're doing it by hand. Alternatively if you have a bit more time, you could get waste canvas and cross stitch an initial on each one. The waste canvas allows you to cross stitch neatly and the strands can be pulled apart when they are damp and you're left with your original fabric. Or fabric paint - oh! that could be fun too! I like the idea of initials to assign them. Hope that sparks some ideas - CM

  8. Great photo to go with great words. Thanks for posting this. I am smiling. Elizabeth

  9. Oh Debbie...that is one of my most favourite quotes...and so beautifully accompanied that incredible photograph! Perfect in every way!!

  10. It's one of my favorite photos from now too:)


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