Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sunshine and Patience

This is the clematis on my side fence, in a rare sunny moment this week. When I first moved here I planted various things along the fence. The pyracantha was soon doing well, with clusters of tiny flowers and later, masses of berries. The honeysuckle and red jasmine I planted all did quite well right away. This clematis grew and grew and grew, it covered the fence with a bushy mass of leaves, but every Spring I would wait in vain for flowers. It was three years before it bloomed, when I had given up hope that it was ever going to. It is so beautiful with hundreds of small, white, starry blooms that smell faintly of sherbet. I look forward to seeing them every year. 


  1. what a joy it must have been to see these beautiful blooming beauties for the first time! and now to anticipate their return each year. loveliness to savor...

  2. Excellent photo ~ I love the clematis ~ still waiting for it to bloom in MA (USA) ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. Some things are just worth waiting for, right? "starry blooms that smell faintly of sherbet..." oh how I love that description. I love the clematis too!

  4. from what i see on twitter it has been gray days.

    glad you got your sunshine...and your bloom.

    "it bloomed when i had given up hope that it was ever going to"

    i love your photo, and your flowers and seeing your words :-)

  5. @michellegd it was, such a joy!
    @Carol thank you1
    @Robin I haven't known another flower have this smell. It really is that faint nose-tickling sherbety smell of childhood
    @Jennifer yes, grey all the way here, day after day, after day..... Nice to see you popping by!

  6. Lovely!! I especially enjoyed the little detail "smell faintly of sherbet." Yum!

  7. How lovely- I like those plants that sneak up on you and bloom when you have almost forsaken them. nice to see some spring in my faraway hometown as well :)

  8. @Tracey It really is a lovely scent - I wish I could bottle it
    @Mary Hello, nice to see you popping by. At least you have had sunshine there recently I think? We have had grey skies forever!

  9. Loving the full on light here.
    I love how you've nurtured your garden.
    Thank you for linking up again :)

  10. MMMmmmm...I can almost smell them! Still have quite a wait before mine blossom...hope I can get as beautiful a shot as this when that time comes!


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