Thursday, May 03, 2012

May Parade of Adventures, or Should I Bother?

self-inflicted punishment for Epic Fail. I am smiling because I just had some lemon and blueberry cake

Looking back at last month's Parade of Adventures, I have to admit to not being brilliant at doing the things on my list. I tend to change plans and veer off in unexpected directions, doing everything except the things I planned, that is just me, and part of my irresistible charm, I'm sure you agree.  Last month, though,I excelled myself and didn't do even one of the things on my April Parade of Adventures, which were:
  • Go out for lunch with the Young Philosopher. We seem to be like ships in the night. He is mostly either working or asleep, I am often ill. Must try harder. 
  • Make a blanket bag to keep a blanket in for when i am chilly in the car. Scheduled some time with my Mum's sewing machine later this week, though probably only a couple of hours, and I have something else I want to finish first. Maybe I will just put the blanket in a bag I already have, for now. 
  • Try a few new vegetable dishes. Nope. Cancelled the veg delivery, it was easier.
  • Make a cake. Hahahahaha
  • Buy some new jeans. I hate clothes shopping. I also hate not having what I need. Catch-22. 
  • Do some badly needed decluttering of the loft. The Prof's been ill, I've been ill, we've been busy, we're going away...this month we have to make some space up there. My parents are moving house and some of our stuff, currently living in their loft and shed,  needs to come home.
  • Write four letters. I wrote one.  

Ever hopeful, here is my Parade of Adventures for May
  • Take lots of photographs, especially during our few days in Hay-on-Wye later this month. 
  • Write more. Writing is always last on my list, after such things as laundry and housework. As I am never up to date with those things, I don't often get as far as the writing!  I hereby resolve to do even less housework so I can do more writing.  
  • Force myself to enter the hell that is Lakeside Shopping Centre and purchase a pair of jeans or two. 
  • Write another letter. Starting small...

That will do. Keeping it simple. 


  1. at least 2 of those didn't sound like adventures ! no wonder you didn't want to do them!

    how about an afternoon of wandering somewhere you haven't been before?

    Trying out a new cafe?


    Oh anylocal farmers markets?

  2. All of these reasons are why I love you so much. It makes me feel so much better about my own willy nilly plans and expectations.

    And especially for the lemon and blueberry cake comment(tee hee).

    Get a bag, I give up on making things. Cook what feels right when it feels right. Will have to figure way to ship you cake (or pumpkin pie) hells, I guess maybe I'll just have to ship myself over and we'll make one together. Clothing shopping UGGGHH!!! Went to our mall two weekends ago for a full day and came out with NOTHING but a bad attitude. decluttering, hate it, need to do it, can't seem to actually get things OUT of the house.

    Write first. Write everyday. Even if it's just a few sentences. Even if it's just a kind word to yourself.

    P.S. Can I tell you how much I love this photo of you and your smiling face!!!

  3. @m (who I think may be Mary?) I don't do browsing in libraries, believe it or not all that choice gives me complete overwhelm! I reserve what I want online and pick it up when its in. No local farmer's markets, no cafes except horrible greasy spoons, not even a coffee shop less than a half hour bus ride away. I live in a wasteland :P

    @Jennifer That photo was taken on my wedding anniversary! Thanks for liking it, all I can see is bags under eyes and straggly hair! You're right about the writing. I will.

  4. HI Debbie, I know what you mean, its hard to feel like you're missing deadlines for what you know are good plans! But it seems like you've managed to roll with it! I dont' like going jeans shopping, but if you go to a jeans' shop and just get the assistant to do the work for you, it gets a lot easier!


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