Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I took this photo in preparation for my first time joining in with the Yarn Along at Small Things and wouldn't you know, when I checked the 52 Photos Project for this week's prompt, it was 'pink'. That's what I call serendipity. I trust I can include yellow as well, they go so nicely together!

I am reading This I Know, by Susannah Conway. I pre-ordered it months ago, it arrived this week and I read it the same day. I am rereading now. I have taken online courses run by Susannah, and read her blog and this thoughtful and thought-provoking book has her voice running right through it. The subtitle of the book is 'notes on unravelling the heart' and it tells Susannah's own story of how the terrible experience of losing her partner led her to a new way of being, and a better understanding of herself. Her own gorgeous polaroid photos are scattered throughout the book, and there are occasional writing and photography exercises to try. It's a lovely book.

Don't you think the colours in my knitting are exactly the same shades as Battenberg cake? I think I will call it the Battenberg Teacosy. It is half completed. The yarn is taken across the back of your knitting and adds a layer of insulation, and it has been quite slow going, probably because you are changing colour ever few stitches. It's easy though, and I do like things I can knit in front of the television or while chatting. I knitted this whilst watching series 2 of Lark Rise to Candleford on DVD, sadly without any Battenberg cake. I think I might have to celebrate by eating some when it's completed. Or maybe today.


  1. I adore the color combination!!!! Must also check out 52 photos project.....hmmmmmm!!!! sounds like fun!

  2. Great color choices!! I have never heard of that cake but I would definitely eat it :)

  3. @Steph - it is, great fun! We're on week 5 and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    @Swanski - Battenberg cake

  4. Batternberg was exactly what I thought when I saw your picture!
    I'm joining in with the Yarn Along for the first time today, too :o)

  5. definitely Battenbery ~ wonderful colors ~and creation ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

    ps. you might consider linking up with my blog hop Magical Monday Meme for creatives of all mediums ~ ^_^

  6. This just looks a wonderful combination of treats! i so want to get hold of that book.

  7. Love the colours Debbie. I'm on Susannah Conway's Blogging from the Heart course at the moment and loving it. You've reminded me to order that book today. Lovely blog. x

  8. I love how serene this photo is. I also love the London time at the top of your blog. :)

  9. @Hannah - glad to see you joining in! I will pop over and check out your entry :)

    @Susannah - you are very welcome :)

    @ArtMuseDog and Carol - I will check out your meme, thank you

    @Mary - It's definitely worth a read, lots of insight

    @Emma - Glad you are enjoying the course, I did too. Plan to reread some of the material
    soon, as I didn't get everything done that I wanted

    @Katie - everyone likes the London time widget lol :)

    @Dina - thank you very much!

  10. Debbie - this is lovely!
    Thanks for linking up again this week :)


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