Monday, May 21, 2012

working wonders and shitting miracles....or not

From the car, somewhere in Monmouthshire/Herefordhire/Shropshire (we did a LOT of driving in the countryside!)

Do you ever have one of those days? An old friend of mine used to say 'I was going to work wonders and shit miracles today, but...'

It was one of those weekends here. I think we are still coming down from our few days away last week. We got up early on Saturday morning, full of good intentions, and somehow the day ran away from us, and then there I was on the sofa at 8.30 pm and Not A Lot had been done. Oh yes, the Prof had a haircut, and I did our monthly financial jiggery pokery, we went out for breakfast and the Telegraph crossword, and spent a couple of hours with my parents, so it wasn't a complete bust, but still. Lots to do and no enthusiasm for doing it. On Sunday we got up late, and whilst it was nice to have coffee and biscuits in bed, and finish up the crossword from Saturday, it meant by the time we got up there was only time to shower quickly before leaving to visit friends in Kent. Ah well, it was a nice weekend even if we achieved little, and I always love driving around in Kent. I'd like to live there one day.

I came across these rules for happiness the other  day, and it seems pretty true to me. 

Rules for happiness:
someone to love,
something to do
something to hope for
-Immanuel Kant

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  1. The rules for happiness are so true... just need to throw a dose of good health in there too! It sounds as if you had a lovely Saturday even if the tick list didn't get completed x


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